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Dear Trader,

As I showed you today…

When you make the right trades and have the proper guidance, the amount of money you can make in the stock market is limitless!

If you make the right decisions over the next year or so, you could conservatively double the size of your account. And potentially make three to five times your money on a handful of options trades I’ll send you.

That’s why I’ve reached out to you today. With your permission, I’d like to give you access to The Trading Analyst

My goal with The Trading Analyst Alert Service is to help you find unique, simple, and safe option trades for consistent profits.

Have you ever bought/sold trades at the wrong time and lost money?

Not confident when the right time to get in or out is?

Has accuracy eluded you?

When you get started with The Trading Analyst today, you can instantly reduce your losing trades and finally start trading with certainty and the consistent profitability you’ve always wanted.

And trading will become this stress free thing that you always knew it could be.

We’ll do the work… find and share profitable trades, so you don’t have to.

As a member, you’ll receive easy to follow trade alerts via text message with clear signals and exact prices.

Each new trade will have a profit target of 100% returns or greater.

Anytime we enter a new position, you’ll receive a BUY ALERT. Anytime we exit a position, you’ll receive a SELL ALERT.

All in real time.

This way, you’ll never miss out on another potentially profitable trade again.

Our goal is to at least double our money on options trades in under 2-weeks.

Here are several trade alerts we sent to members from the past few months…


Imagine doubling your money in under 2 weeks – and all you have to do is check my text alerts.

We find the action, YOU keep the profits!

If you feel like you’re always making horrible trades and losing money, then let me help you.

The Trading Analyst is perfect for those who can’t find the time to study the market to make smart trading decisions on their own.

Check out what Ryan says here:

Imagine having a hands-free trading life and make money even while you’re on the go.

I’ll let you know when to take action – you can sit back & relax.

Each trade comes with a detailed video explanation.

10/31/18 member video AAPL & MA swing alert

You’ll understand the reasoning behind each trade and in turn, gain confidence in the process.

I don’t simply push trades to your phone – you’ll get to learn my approach so you can be a better trader yourself and be the go-to expert among your friends!

Keep track of all of our trades in the Model Portfolio Tracker


Experience unmatched transparency.

Many trading services don’t do this, simply because they aren’t getting results.

Whether we win or lose, all trades are recorded.

Watch your account grow alongside ours!

Never trade alone again.

When you join The Trading Analyst, you’ll  get exclusive access to me personally so you can ask any questions about trading. You can reach me via email, LiveChat, or SMS.

For only $1, you have an expert high-level trader with a proven track record guiding you every step of the way.

Finding and sharing profitable trade ideas… it’s my passion.

But nothing makes me happier than hearing from hundreds of members…

Like 47-year-old father of two, Jay Wright, who sent me this note:

Another fellow, a musician named Marcus says

And I even received this note from a subscriber named Kevin


He even went on to show me how he’d used my recommendations to make over $2,000 on his first day.

And then there’s Henry, who was able to not only recoup his losses from before he joined, to now pulling in $53,000 profits by following my research…

Now with that said…

I can’t guarantee you’ll make $2,000 on your first day or $53,000 in 4 months following my work, or if The Trading Analyst is right for you.

But I’ve come up with a way for you to find out — totally risk free.

How To Get Started, Risk-Free

A one-month subscription to The Trading Analyst, including everything I mentioned here, normally costs $147 per month. That’s what many others have paid.

But right now, you can try my research, for A FRACTION of the normal rate. You’ll pay just $1 for an entire month. That’s a 99% discount.

Why so cheap?

Well, our business only works if our subscribers stick with us for the long-term. But we realize you’ve got to try our work first, to see if it’s right for you.

And that’s why, through this letter, we’re making it so cheap, and risk-free to try. What I mean is, you’ll have the next 30 days to take a look at my trades, watchlists, and videos… plus our complete library of educational content and special reports.

In other words, by taking me up on this offer, you are agreeing only to TRY my work to see if you like it.

I hope you take advantage of this opportunity.

                But it’s important you act right now…

Because this $1 offer is only available for a limited time and we’re almost at capacity.

And I don’t plan on ever doing it again…

Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

I cannot stress this enough: The clock is ticking.

NOW is the time to act!

When you fill out the short form below, you’ll get instant access to the real-time trade alerts, plus the educational video vault, plus everything else I’ve promised you today.

But please hurry. Because every day the market moves is another day you’ll be missing out.

Don’t risk making another regrettable trade.

I look forward to guiding you through the months ahead.



The Trading Analyst

No-Risk Order Form

YES! I want the Trading Analyst alert service! Taylor, I’m so excited to get started receiving trades that could quickly return 50%… 100%… 200% or more!

               I’m also happy to be getting the unbelievably low introductory price of only…

$1 for the entire first month!

                               (renews at only $147/month after 30 days unless cancelled)

I understand that…

  • Each day, I’ll receive Taylor’s best trade recommendations and it will be sent out by text message.
  • I will receive video analysis with a full explanation of the reasons for each trade, the entry parameters, and the expected results.
  • I will have access to the “portfolio tracker” where I can see all of the open, closed, or pending trade positions.
  • I will have access to Taylor personally via text, email, or live-chat.
  • I am covered by your 30-day money back guarantee.
  • If I don’t like it for any reason, I can send your support team an email and you’ll immediately issue me a prompt and courteous refund.

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