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I just opened enrollment for the Millionaire Trader Blueprint


So far I’ve received quite a few questions about the program. Mainly these questions revolve around “whether or not the program is right for me”.


So I decided to create this page to address some of the common questions and hopefully bring some clarity to your buying decision.


Here we go . . .

“How Much Money Do I Need To Have In My Account?”

I get this question all the time. And simply put, it depends on your individual goals. Within the service, we’ve had anyone from college students with just a few hundred dollars, all the way up to retired millionaires who are looking to grow their net worth into retirement. And the cool part is that most people get great results, regardless of how much money you have in their account.

“I’ve Never Traded Options Before… Can I Still Join?”

Absolutely! Options are not only the best way to achieve massive gains in the market, but they’re also super easy to learn and get the hang of. Most of our members spend a day or two watching the educational videos we’ve provided and then are on their way to making winning trades. We’ve had people with little to no options trading experience start out and within a few days they’re making thousands of dollars in gains.

“I Have A Full Time Job …. Will I Be Able To Trade Successfully?”

Great question. When I first started trading, I had a full time job and created my strategy based around my job. So when I went on to build this service, I created it specifically for people with full time jobs, because I was once in that position myself and I know that most people are going to have full time jobs. Since all of the trade alerts are sent via text message, it makes trading on the go very easy. So the short answer is, YES definitely!