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Have you ever bought/sold trades at the wrong time and lost money?
Not confident when the
right time is?

Instantly reduce losing trades and get started with the #1 trading alert service on the planet. Finally, you can start trading with certainty towards the consistent profitability you’ve always wanted.

Beat The S&P - IRR of 141%

We use a swing trading strategy with the majority of our trades as options positions, and others as common stock trades. We have a number of screening criteria to identify potential opportunities, focusing on breakouts during periods of high volume in addition to the historic activity of the stock. But, we’ve found that the key to winning long-term is proper risk management. When this is done correctly, winning trades will have a much higher profit than the losses incurred from losing trades. And that’s what we’ve done.

Since July of 2018, we’ve had 337 winning trades and 302 losing trades. But it’s our risk management that really sets us apart from the rest. Our average win is $4,324.02 — while our average loss is -$2,603.29. This gives us a profit factor of 1.66. Our portfolio (starting equity of $100,000 in July 2018) grew to $771,001.67 by the end of July 2023. That’s the magic of risk management over the long-term.

Our Options Signals Results

Explore historical performance across all our strategies

Ticker Shares Price % of portfolio % Gain or Loss Dividend Yield Yield on Cost Dividend Safety Dividend Growth Annual Income
TSLA 100 million $69.20 21.1 % + 36.8 % 6.27% 19.20 % 150 45% $679 Billion
WMT 280 million $103.95 13.5 % + 12.1 % 9.0% 11.22 % 95 25% $982 Billion
WBA 123 million $52.69 42.0 % - 2.4 % 6.5% 40.25 % 60 18% $704 Billion

Experience a Different Approach to Options Alerts

We find and send you winning trades in real-time.

Risk Management

Over 90% of traders fail and lose money. Why? Because they don’t understand how to manage risk. As a member, you’ll benefit from our protected Target Profit Calculation formula, which determines not just when it’s time to take a profit, but when it’s time to cut losses.

This keeps losses at a minimum, and ensures maximum gains. In brief, our overall strategy seeks trades with a reward that’s double the risk — as our results demonstrate.

Proven Strategy

We’re 100% transparent: Our long-term strategy has results that speak for themselves. We aim for consistent, quality trades in the long-run as opposed to short, quick wins. Coupled with our unique approach to risk management, you won’t find another strategy like ours.

There are no required market conditions — we’ve tested this strategy in all environments.

Real-time Options Alerts

There are a lot of gurus out there with false promises. We cut through all the noise by delivering quality alerts powered by a proven strategy. No gimmicks, no BS, just alerts. We’re in it for the long run.


What separates us from the rest? Passion. We know money can be made from trading. And we’ve seen the difference that it can make in people’s lives.

This is what drives us, what keeps us motivated, and why we wake up in the morning. We love what we do and are excited to share that passion with you.

We Find the Action. You Keep the Profits.

We target 10 - 25% gains on every trade. Sometimes the result is more, and sometimes it's less. Here are some trades we've sent in the past:

TSLA options

+171% or +$13,217

WMT options

+103% or +$8,750

AAPL options

+233% or +$21,500

MU options

+143% or +$11,250

WBA options

+116% or +$8,989

TWTR options

+327% or +$24,700

Introducing the Volume Confirmation Formula:

Our Approach to Options Alert Trading

Proven Process

Our initial screening process involves a team of analysts leveraging tens of thousands of data sets to spot likely indications of significant upcoming movements. We strictly adhere to each step of our formula, and never make an exception. Only once all criteria have been verified do we enter a position and send an options alert to our members. This reduces risk in the long-term and drastically increases our net profitability.

Profit Target Calculation and Risk Management

Accurately identifying a trade with upcoming movement is just the beginning of our options alert service. From there, we want to maximize our gain, and minimize our risk. To achieve this, we calculate an initial profit target to sell half of each position. Once the first half is sold, we then determine a second profit target to sell the remaining half. We always utilize the stop loss mechanism to minimize losses in the event that things don’t go our way. We also pay careful attention to option position sizing. It’s our concentration on long-term risk management that has fueled our success.

History of Profitability

While losses do happen, our win rate is almost 53%, with 337 wins and 302 losses since July 2018. But, it’s our net profitability (thanks to risk management) that really sets us apart: Our average loss is -$2,603.29, but our average win is $4,324.02 (a profit factor of 1.66).

Bringing Clear Signal to a Options Market Full of Noise

Successful trading requires a significant commitment—the average professional swing trader dedicates more than 8 hours of research to one single trade. We remove the need to understand the markets, and endlessly search for opportunities. You get winning trades, peace of mind, and you get to keep your life, too.

Easy to follow options trade alerts delivered right to your fingertips

As a member, you’ll receive easy to follow real-time options trade alerts via text message with clear signals and exact prices. Each trade will realistically target 10% - 25% gains.

Every time we enter a new options position, you’ll receive a BUY ALERT. Whenever we exit a position, you’ll receive a SELL ALERT. All in real-time. This way, you’ll never miss out on another opportunity.

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AAPL options
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WBA options
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A team of experts, a proven strategy, and easy to follow alerts

Get the benefits of professional portfolio management at a fraction of the cost.

With our tried-and-tested formula, you can:

  • Instantly reduce your frequency of losing options trades and average loss incurred per trade
  • Avoid risky trades and increase your exposure to trades with added upside potential through our screening process
  • Make winning trades in any market environment—both bull and bear markets
  • Beat the average market returns by over 20%
  • Receive easy-to-follow trade alerts delivered in real-time to your fingertips
  • Say goodbye to deciphering stock charts for hours
  • Leave the noise and confusion of the markets behind

What Members Are Saying

As a member, you’ll receive easy-to-follow real-time trade alerts via text message. Each alert will feature clear signals and exact prices.

Start Making Winning Options Trades Today!

We proudly serve and accept clients from all over the world, including: Europe, Asia, Canada, South America, and beyond.

$ 147
  • Average of 2-5 easy to follow trade alerts per week
  • All swing trades… perfect for the working professional
  • All entries and exits delivered in real-time via text message
  • Access to the real-time portfolio tracker
  • Access to the exclusive member-only weekly Trading Report with market outlook and portfolio update
$ 787
  • Average of 2-5 easy to follow trade alerts per week
  • All swing trades… perfect for the working professional
  • All entries and exits delivered in real-time via text message
  • Access to the real-time portfolio tracker
  • Minimum recommended account size is $25,000, average size is $100,000
  • Goal is $100,000 a year in profit
  • Access to the exclusive member-only weekly Trading Report with market outlook and portfolio update
  • Save $977!
$ 357
  • Average of 2-5 easy to follow trade alerts per week
  • All swing trades… perfect for the working professional
  • All entries and exits delivered in real-time via text message
  • Access to the real-time portfolio tracker
  • Access to the exclusive member-only weekly Trading Report with market outlook and portfolio update
  • Save $336!
(All memberships renew automatically. Cancel anytime)

Five years in, trusted by over 11,450 successful traders.

Since we started The Trading Analyst we’ve helped countless people achieve their finacial goals and become better traders. Here’s what our customers have to say.

Simply put, you cannot find a better service out there. I’ve been a member for 4 months now and have not only recouped my losses from the first 7 months of the year, but am now $53,000 in the green on the year. I’ve already recommended your service to everyone I know. Thank you

Lindy and Gabriel

May 5
Trading on my own was hard. It was painful. I honestly didn’t think I had a chance in the market until I found your service. Your analysis and trades are spot on and I’m not only learning, but profiting. So far I’m at $19,298 in profits since joining 2 months ago. Can’t thank you enough. Cheers.

Michael K.

April 26
People like Tyler don’t come along very often and when they do, you had better listen up. I’ve been a member for a going on 3 months now and its just amazing to me how I’m getting such great results. I’ve been profitable for all three of those months. I’ve learned so so much.

Robert B.

November 25
I had some doubts starting out but I've followed Tyler in both stocks and options. Got 150% returns on the options so far.

John R.

October 17
Thank you Tyler! I've learned so much with TTA. I would recommend this service to anyone who is a begginer or even an experienced intermediate. Gains baby!

Andrew T.

October 7
I really appreciate how simple TTA is to use. I've tried a bunch of alert services out there and TTA is the best - it's simple and it works. Really appreciate the hard work done by the TTA team.

Jack P.

August 12
I'm very happy with the service. Was skeptical at first but Tyler - you've surprised me. Thank you!

Diego S.

December 1
My new SO recommended trading analyst to me and I'm now consistenly making 20%+ each month. I recommend it 100%

Maria O.

September 29

Great job on the US steel! A few more of those and I can pay off my house lol

Bill W.

November 28
I like to think I'm a really good trader. Usually I'm up by 40k in a year. Got the Trading Analyst in September and I'm up 40k so far. Can't thank you enough.

Clayton J.

January 3
Tyler is really something special. I'm used to earning a lot through trading, but this guy really has the nose. Appreciate you, Tyler.

Aisling M.

May 12
Tyler makes some masterful trades. If he keeps it up it's gonna be a sweeeet summer!

Frank A.

June 2
Almost a grand a year is a bit steep. But you can't put a price on honesty and you can't put a price on legit alerts. If you know, you know.

Jessica L.

October 1
Know when you get a new subscription and a year down the line realize you've just wasted money without once using it? Yep, not the case with the trading analyst. I've paid the year’s sub with my first trade. Thanks Tyler!

Sean S.

September 28
I've been more of a long-haul investor all my life but I'm up 6 grand just this month. Great job trading analysts! Great explainations, great education and definitely GREAT CALLS!

Alexander W.

March 30
Went from a ground floor apartment to putting a downpayment on my first house in a bit over 2 years with TTA. Thank you, TTA team - much love!

Jeff T.

November 15
I'm so used to stupid levels of BS sites like this try to pull off. But I'm hopeless on my own so keep giving them a month each. Should have taken a year here. I can't say anything about how consistently good they are, but certainly no BS detected. so far. There are losses, but bigger gains. Good management here.

Mark M.

April 24
I'm not originally from America. Neither are my friends or family. I honestly think it would have taken me years to really start making it on the market if it weren't for Tyler. Thank you man, you are a blessing!

Mircea H.

April 4
I used to get overwhelmed and second guess my trades. I found Tyler's service on the internet and I have to admit, his alerts really make trading so much easier. Love the email updates too - makes you feel like you have a better pulse on the market.

Luke T.

September 1
I'm a skeptical guy. Been using tta for almost a year now expecting to run into some nasty surprise but I haven't. So I've finally started mentioning it to people. Don't get me wrong, not every trade is perfect, but it is clear Tyler knows what he is doing really well.

Jonathan M.

September 17
I've been up 10 grand in 2016, down almost 40 in 2017 and another 20 in 2018. Then I found trading analyst and honestly, I've had three good years since then. Thanks Tyler.

Josh J.

May 28
Tyler, it feels like I'm getting advice from the Sage himself! I've never had this much success trading.

Will H.

March 7
I've been trading solo for years but I like to sub to services like these every once in a while to see if I can pick up any new tricks. The Trading Analyst is awesome - they definitely caught trades I never would've touched. And several were big winners. Recommended for sure.

Brandon N.

November 23
I've been looking to start trading for years and I would've gone into it blind if it weren't for my dad. He didn't point me to tta, but he told me I'll lose big if I go in blind. Can't say anything about losing, but I'm up 37% in my first 4 months with tta.

Jim K.

November 11
One day I'm gonna figure out how you are doing it Tyler! But honestly, I've gone from mostly breaking even to always being in the green since I've subbed.

Jose O.

October 4
I have a very busy schedule on weekdays so it's great that there is someone giving you heads up on the best puts and calls that you can follow through without thinking much. Great job Tyler - me and my family thank you!

Rick G.

December 2
I've been using trading analyst for 18 months now. Not every day was a winning day, but I also haven't regretted a single day.

George J.

June 4
What $17,000? I can't see them from all the WINNINGS!

Jayden D.

July 14
I've learned so much in the last year using tta. Can't imagine going back to trading without them.

Kyle S.

August 1
Hubby and I made $10k in the first month! Great learning experience, great earnings.

Michaela and Josh

October 27
I though I had a knack for this stuff but boy, Tyler if you didn't prove me wrong. Been here for 6 months and this is the most consistent success I've ever had trading.

Sahil M.

November 11
I lost my job early in the 'rona. Thankfully it came with a little parachute and thankfully I found the trading analyst around that time. I'm going back to work but I'm keeping my subscription. Time to earn AND save!

Bernie N.

November 20
I thought they were messing around when they said it would take three months to see real results (been getting pretty decent ones after about two weeks) but man did things pick up at 3. You are the man, Tyler!

Said S.

September 24

Get Answers To Your Questions Here

Find our most frequently asked questions—and their answers—below.

How doe the options alert service work? How are they sent and what’s needed to receive them?

Alerts are sent via standard SMS message - which is a simple text message sent to your phone. All you need is a mobile phone that is capable of receiving text messages. You do not need a smartphone. You also do not need to be in a specific country - we can send alerts to any country across the globe.

Importantly, it is always a human who sends alerts.

Options Alerts are sent in real-time. More than 50% of alerts are sent within the last 30 minutes of the market being open (between 3:00pm - 3:30pm EST).

What do the alerts look like?

We send alerts on both options and stock trades. Here’s how they differ:

Entered” refers to an options purchase.

Example SMS for options:

Entered OXY Nov19 $29 Calls at 4.75. Full size.

Sold all F Oct15 $12 Calls at 4.15. Nice win overall!

Bought” refers to a stock purchase.

Example SMS for stocks:

Bought GNRC Stock at 350.89. Full size.

Sold all KHC Stock at 43.04. Nice win overall.

Here’s a screenshot of actual alerts sent in August of 2021:

What does ‘half size’ or ‘full size’ mean?

Position size is an important metric used in risk management

Adequate position sizing should be at the forefront of your mind when entering each trade. If you blow up your account, you are out of business!

If you are a new trader without an understanding of Risk of Ruin and Probability of Ruin, your odds of blowing up your account before learning how to trade are almost certain. You can trade an excellent system like ours with a proven track record and still go broke if you do not understand the meaning of proper position sizing.   Here’s a useful resource, if necessary:

  • https://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/risk-of-ruin.asp

There are two factors one should have in mind when planning risk on a trade and position sizing.

First, a single position size (total $ value of the position at the time of opening the position) should be a maximum of 10% of your total account equity for stock trades and a maximum of 2% of your total account equity for options trades. Single position size means if the position goes to 0 you will lose the above-mentioned percentage of your account equity.

Let’s break this down: In our portfolio tracker we use an example of $10,000 per options trade and $40,000 per stock trade as the single position size. When our alert says “Full size” this means that we have bought options for $10,000 in the event of an options trade, or stocks for $40,000, in the event of a stock trade. You should determine this amount (single position size) in advance, based on your account size and in line with the above mentioned general guiding principle of a maximum of 10% of account equity for stock trades and a maximum of 2% of account equity for options trades.

The second factor is the distance between the entry price and stop loss price. The distance to stop loss price that we usually use is 10-15%. Our stop loss is on a closing basis, so this should be taken into consideration when computing a position size. Please read more on position sizing and risk management here:

I live outside the US, can I still join?

Absolutely! We have successful members from all across the globe currently enjoying the membership. All you need is a brokerage account to begin trading.

How many options alerts can I expect to receive?

Our rate of options signals can vary. We always prioritize alerts of high-quality trades instead of a high volume of alerts. We don’t just want to send alerts for the sake of sending alerts - we want to send you alerts with high upside and little risk.

There are some days when we do not send any alerts. In fact, we’ve had some weeks where we haven’t sent any alerts (these are very rare, however).

Some weeks, we may only send you a few alerts. Other weeks, you could get up to 10. The only guarantee is that we prioritize quality over quantity. We do not chase trades; we’ve developed a strategy that lets them come to us.

We utilize a long-term strategy with a performance record that speaks for itself.

What’s the minimum account size that I need?

The optimal account size for Trading Analyst members is $100,000. In order to benefit from our strategy, we suggest a minimum account size of $25,000.

What’s the ideal account size for The Trading Analyst’s strategy?

Based on what we’ve seen, our strategy, and member feedback, the ideal account size to maximize our strategy is $100,000.

Why should I trust The Trading Analyst?

The Trading Analyst has helped more than 11,450 traders see profits that they never would’ve seen on their own. Trading is difficult — it requires time, knowledge, experience, and patience. We remove these requirements for you, making options trading both accessible and profitable.

The key to our strategy is a long-term approach with a focus on risk management. In short, this means that our strategy minimizes losses and finds low-risk trades with high upside potential. Repeating this process, and powering our formula with data—not emotions—is a key ingredient in our recipe for success. Learn about our trading strategy and its results for more information.

How long are positions open?

We use a swing trading strategy. Some positions are open for days, weeks, and in rare cases, even months.

What strategy does The Trading Analyst use?

The Trading Analyst uses a swing trading strategy which has an emphasis on trading volume. Our 6-step strategy ensures that a number of criteria have been met prior to sending an alert.

How long will I need to be a member before seeing serious results?

Since we use a swing trading strategy, we will always have existing positions when a new member joins our service. It takes roughly three months for a new member to be in sync with The Trading Analyst’s portfolio. Due to this, it will usually take three months for new members to see the results they’re looking for.

Does The Trading Analyst trade options or stocks?

The Trading Analyst trades both options and stocks.

While our alerts are usually focused on options, we will use common stock trades if:

  • The market environment is unfavorable, meaning general market volatility is high and options are expensive,
  • Particular stock options are expensive and the majority of our members would be unable to satisfy the requirements (e.g. AMZN),
  • The options on a potential stock are illiquid (meaning a large spread, or poor option interest).