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The Trading Analyst Research Center

Welcome to our research and education center. Learn everything you need to know about options trading with our in-depth guides below.

Recognizing the Death Cross Pattern

Have you ever heard ‘X marks the spot’?  In the realm of...

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What Does Buy the Dip Mean?

How do seasoned traders remain steadfast during market lows?  Picture this: You’re...

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Recognizing the Dark Cloud Cover Candlestick Pattern

Ever been camping and noticed dark clouds rolling in?  The clouds signal...

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Break Even Price Explained

Ever felt the relief of paying off a credit card balance?  That...

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What is Basing in Stocks? (Strategies and Examples)

You know those moments in movies where everything slows down, creating a...

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What's a Bear Trap? (Explained for Traders)

How do you avoid financial bear traps? In the unpredictable stock market,...

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