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Our methodology employs a proprietary algorithm combining both technical and fundamental analysis with an insurance-like approach to capital-at-risk.

We screen for companies meeting certain criteria, then assess when a security might be signaling an upcoming movement - either up or down. The majority of our trades use option positions with defined loss parameters, allowing us to achieve a winning track record on an absolute basis (currently 52% across over 500 trades).

We also have a demonstrated history of net profitability in our trades with a profit factor of 2.05 (i.e. when we win, we make 2x more profit than when we lose). Since 2018, a portfolio following our alerts would have yielded an IRR of 141%.

We are a team of Professional Traders, Mentors and Money Managers.

Instantly reduce losing trades and get started with the #1 trading alert service on the planet. Finally, you can start trading with certainty towards the consistent profitability you’ve always wanted.

Over 24,000 Data Sets

Leveraging large sets of publicly available data we have created better predictive models for options trading using a unique formula of machine learning and trading experience.

Consistent Returns

Since our inception, the Trading Analyst has crushed similar options trading strategies that rely on a multiple of trading formulas. Our algo has consistently outperformed the market as we improve our predictive models.

Built for Long Term Investors

With hundreds of investors using our trading notification system we have delivered outsized returns in both bear and bull markets. Our algo works on a two sided predictive model that analyzed market movement and fundamentals to deliver results.

Absolute Return of 474%

The Trading Analyst provides a data centric approach to options trades with a history of performance. We beat the market consistency with our formula with 474% return compared to a 9% IRR and 25% absolute return for the S&P 500 over the same time period

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Our Process:
How Our Algo Works

Assessment Assessment

Our algorithm begins with a screening for stocks with sufficient market capitalization and options depth to support an active trading strategy. We then use a proprietary combination of technical factors to assess when a stock has begun to exit a period of consolidation, based on non-normal volume action relative to the consolidation period.


Once a signal has been detected, we watch for macro indications to assess the position weighting and anticipated direction of movement, and then propose an option with a strike slightly in the money in the direction - long or short - of the trade.

Risk Defined

We choose the option expiration to be a minimum of a set duration to minimize risk, and send alerts once objectives have been met to signal the close of the trade.

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