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Ryan G.

As a small business owner, I'm constantly on the go and don't have the time necessary to make smart investment decisions. I need to rely on the skills and expertise of others, so that I can focus on other things. After many months of searching and trying other services, I finally found a home at The Trading Analyst. After almost a year of being a member, I am so glad I found you guys and can say that joining was one of the best decisions I've made. Thanks guys!

Normajean G.

Taylor, words cannot express how grateful I am to have met you and be included in your wonderful service. The education you have given me is truly priceless. Everything I know in the stock market, I owe to your teachings. It has been such a rewarding experience being a part of The Trading Analyst for so long, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Josh B.

Ever since I’ve been under your wing, I’ve not only learned to trade better, but I go into trades with a dedicated strategy and stick with my commitment to the trade. You have also successfully taught me how to make money in either a bullish or bearish market. Your trading knowledge, overall knowledge of the stock market, and technical analysis techniques have all now successively been acquired in my successful trading habits. I can now say in a period of less than a year of being a member, my trading results have improved tremendously. Thank you again for all you do, and I look forward to many more years with you!

John Co

I came across Taylor and TheTradingAnalyst.com on social media. At first, his photos of ‘gains’ were too good to be true and I was skeptical at first, but I was intrigued, so I followed him for a month to see how he trades. After seeing him trade for awhile, I realized that he was more than the real deal....he was a one in a million trader. I joined the site because I realized that Taylor does not push trades to members. He explains the reasoning behind each trade. If you are looking for a stock promoter this is not the place. However, if you are looking to gain knowledge and an advantage over the market it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. Thanks Taylor!