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    • Average of 2-5 easy to follow trade alerts per week
    • All swing trades... perfect for the working professional
    • All entries and exits delivered in real-time via text message
    • Access to the real time portfolio tracker
    • Access to the exclusive member only weekly Trading Report with market outlook and portfolio update
    • Average of 2-5 easy to follow trade alerts per week
    • All swing trades... perfect for the working professional
    • All entries and exits delivered in real-time via text message
    • Access to the real time portfolio tracker
    • Access to the exclusive member only weekly Trading Report with market outlook and portfolio update

Here's Everything You'll Get When You Join The Trading Analyst

  • Average of 2-5 easy to follow trade alerts per week*
  • Multiple trading systems to account for different trading environments (swing trades, momentum trades, and QQQ short-term swings)
  • Entries and exits delivered in real-time via Telegram, text message and email**
  • Weekly Trading Report detailing upcoming market moving events and what we’re watching
  • Access to our private Telegram channels with trade alerts, daily pre-market briefs and other important news
  • Access to the real-time Portfolio tracker
  • Access to our swing trading Watchlist
  • 42-page stock chart patterns cheat sheet
  • Comprehensive beginner and advanced options trading courses in PDF format
  • 24/7 customer support

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Since we started The Trading Analyst we’ve helped countless people achieve their finacial goals and become better traders. Here’s what our customers have to say.

Simply put, you cannot find a better service out there. I’ve been a member for 4 months now and have not only recouped my losses from the first 7 months of the year, but am now $53,000 in the green on the year. I’ve already recommended your service to everyone I know. Thank you

Lindy and Gabriel

May 5
Trading on my own was hard. It was painful. I honestly didn’t think I had a chance in the market until I found your service. Your analysis and trades are spot on and I’m not only learning, but profiting. So far I’m at $19,298 in profits since joining 2 months ago. Can’t thank you enough. Cheers.

Michael K.

April 26
People like Tyler don’t come along very often and when they do, you had better listen up. I’ve been a member for a going on 3 months now and its just amazing to me how I’m getting such great results. I’ve been profitable for all three of those months. I’ve learned so so much.

Robert B.

November 25
I had some doubts starting out but I've followed Tyler in both stocks and options. Got 150% returns on the options so far.

John R.

October 17
Thank you Tyler! I've learned so much with TTA. I would recommend this service to anyone who is a begginer or even an experienced intermediate. Gains baby!

Andrew T.

October 7
I really appreciate how simple TTA is to use. I've tried a bunch of alert services out there and TTA is the best - it's simple and it works. Really appreciate the hard work done by the TTA team.

Jack P.

August 12
I'm very happy with the service. Was skeptical at first but Tyler - you've surprised me. Thank you!

Diego S.

December 1
My new SO recommended trading analyst to me and I'm now consistenly making 20%+ each month. I recommend it 100%

Maria O.

September 29

Great job on the US steel! A few more of those and I can pay off my house lol

Bill W.

November 28
I like to think I'm a really good trader. Usually I'm up by 40k in a year. Got the Trading Analyst in September and I'm up 40k so far. Can't thank you enough.

Clayton J.

January 3
Tyler is really something special. I'm used to earning a lot through trading, but this guy really has the nose. Appreciate you, Tyler.

Aisling M.

May 12
Tyler makes some masterful trades. If he keeps it up it's gonna be a sweeeet summer!

Frank A.

June 2
Almost a grand a year is a bit steep. But you can't put a price on honesty and you can't put a price on legit alerts. If you know, you know.

Jessica L.

October 1
Know when you get a new subscription and a year down the line realize you've just wasted money without once using it? Yep, not the case with the trading analyst. I've paid the year’s sub with my first trade. Thanks Tyler!

Sean S.

September 28
I've been more of a long-haul investor all my life but I'm up 6 grand just this month. Great job trading analysts! Great explainations, great education and definitely GREAT CALLS!

Alexander W.

March 30
Went from a ground floor apartment to putting a downpayment on my first house in a bit over 2 years with TTA. Thank you, TTA team - much love!

Jeff T.

November 15
I'm so used to stupid levels of BS sites like this try to pull off. But I'm hopeless on my own so keep giving them a month each. Should have taken a year here. I can't say anything about how consistently good they are, but certainly no BS detected. so far. There are losses, but bigger gains. Good management here.

Mark M.

April 24
I'm not originally from America. Neither are my friends or family. I honestly think it would have taken me years to really start making it on the market if it weren't for Tyler. Thank you man, you are a blessing!

Mircea H.

April 4
I used to get overwhelmed and second guess my trades. I found Tyler's service on the internet and I have to admit, his alerts really make trading so much easier. Love the email updates too - makes you feel like you have a better pulse on the market.

Luke T.

September 1
I'm a skeptical guy. Been using tta for almost a year now expecting to run into some nasty surprise but I haven't. So I've finally started mentioning it to people. Don't get me wrong, not every trade is perfect, but it is clear Tyler knows what he is doing really well.

Jonathan M.

September 17
I've been up 10 grand in 2016, down almost 40 in 2017 and another 20 in 2018. Then I found trading analyst and honestly, I've had three good years since then. Thanks Tyler.

Josh J.

May 28
Tyler, it feels like I'm getting advice from the Sage himself! I've never had this much success trading.

Will H.

March 7
I've been trading solo for years but I like to sub to services like these every once in a while to see if I can pick up any new tricks. The Trading Analyst is awesome - they definitely caught trades I never would've touched. And several were big winners. Recommended for sure.

Brandon N.

November 23
I've been looking to start trading for years and I would've gone into it blind if it weren't for my dad. He didn't point me to tta, but he told me I'll lose big if I go in blind. Can't say anything about losing, but I'm up 37% in my first 4 months with tta.

Jim K.

November 11
One day I'm gonna figure out how you are doing it Tyler! But honestly, I've gone from mostly breaking even to always being in the green since I've subbed.

Jose O.

October 4
I have a very busy schedule on weekdays so it's great that there is someone giving you heads up on the best puts and calls that you can follow through without thinking much. Great job Tyler - me and my family thank you!

Rick G.

December 2
I've been using trading analyst for 18 months now. Not every day was a winning day, but I also haven't regretted a single day.

George J.

June 4
What $17,000? I can't see them from all the WINNINGS!

Jayden D.

July 14
I've learned so much in the last year using tta. Can't imagine going back to trading without them.

Kyle S.

August 1
Hubby and I made $10k in the first month! Great learning experience, great earnings.

Michaela and Josh

October 27
I though I had a knack for this stuff but boy, Tyler if you didn't prove me wrong. Been here for 6 months and this is the most consistent success I've ever had trading.

Sahil M.

November 11
I lost my job early in the 'rona. Thankfully it came with a little parachute and thankfully I found the trading analyst around that time. I'm going back to work but I'm keeping my subscription. Time to earn AND save!

Bernie N.

November 20
I thought they were messing around when they said it would take three months to see real results (been getting pretty decent ones after about two weeks) but man did things pick up at 3. You are the man, Tyler!

Said S.

September 24