Wish you could park your investment and leave it on cruise control, no expiration date looming in the rearview mirror?

This is the scenario of perpetual options, an innovative financial creature wandering around in the world of investments.

Contrary to their counterparts, regular options, that have a time limit, these aggressive types do not come with an “expiry date”. You can keep them for as long as the market maintains your interest. Also, they give you the opportunity to enjoy fluctuations in price without needing to hurry up and make money off of it before it disappears.

This flexible method gives a new set of tools to smart investors. Wish to gamble on long-term trends without the frequent interruption of expiration? There, continuous choices. Do you desire exposure to an asset but are not quite prepared to take the plunge? These men allow you to test the waters without fully committing yourself.

Yes, there is a slight learning process – these are not your typical “buy low, sell high” tools. But when you explore their workings and strategies, you will find a powerful mix of adaptability, durability and strategic complexity that could possibly change the investment guidelines. Now, be ready as we are going to explore the intriguing universe of perpetual options – a place where time works in your favor and the market becomes your playfield.