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The Trading Analyst Research Center

Welcome to our research and education center. Learn everything you need to know about options trading with our in-depth guides below.

What is Negative Volume Index?

Want to know what experienced traders are doing even when the market...

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Understanding the Positive Volume Index in Trading

Tired of missing market turns?  Want to understand what the “smart money”...

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Identifying Three Outside Up/Down Patterns

Want to predict stock price changes? Spotting reversal patterns such as three...

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How to Interpret OHLC Charts

Have you ever wanted a clearer way to visualize price movements beyond...

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What's a Falling Knife in Stock Trading?

Have you ever tried to catch a falling knife?  Ouch! In the...

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Complete Guide to Directional Trading

Do you want to profit from market swings?  If so, directional trading...

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