Third time’s the charm, right?

In the case of the three white soldiers pattern, the third time is absolutely the charm. In this context, the adage rings true. The appearance of this pattern, occurring as a trio of bullish candles, signals a significant shift in market momentum. But what exactly about this pattern garners such attention in the diverse realm of trading and technical analysis?

The three white soldiers, aptly named, represent a crucial turning point in a downtrend, suggesting that bullish forces are gaining the upper hand, potentially heralding an uptrend. To fully appreciate this pattern, one must see beyond its immediate graphical representation and understand the deeper narrative it tells—a narrative of market sentiment shifting from bearish uncertainty to a burgeoning confidence in the asset’s value.

Our exploration of the three white soldiers pattern will delve into its importance in technical analysis, the nuances of its identification, and the strategic implications it holds for traders. This pattern is more than a mere sequence on a chart; it is a pivotal element in the intricate puzzle of market analysis, offering essential insights for informed and potentially lucrative trading decisions.

Explaining the Three White Soldiers Pattern

In technical analysis, the three white soldiers pattern emerges as a notable bullish indicator, catching the attention of traders who analyze candlestick charts. This pattern isn’t just a random occurrence; it represents a shift in market dynamics, moving from a bearish to a bullish trend. But what is the three white soldiers pattern, and how does it appear on a chart?

This pattern is recognized by three consecutive long-bodied candlesticks, each with small or nonexistent wicks. Crucially, each candle opens within the body of the one before it and closes at a higher price, signifying strong buying interest. The ‘white’ or ‘green’ candles (as seen in modern charting software) symbolize the positive movement, akin to soldiers marching upward in formation.

Its appearance is especially significant after a lengthy downtrend or a period of stable market activity. It indicates a powerful reversal of market sentiment. Typically unfolding over three trading days, each session shows buyers dominating, driving prices up beyond the previous day’s closing. This steady climb across three days suggests a shift from a fleeting change in mood to a longer-term bullish perspective.

The candle length is also vital. Longer candles denote more intense buying pressure and a firmer shift to bullish sentiment. It’s important to consider the context of the pattern: it gains more relevance following a downtrend or near a support level, indicating a potential end to bearish momentum and the beginning of an upward movement.

Identifying the Three White Soldiers: Key Traits

The three white soldiers pattern is a bullish sign in trading, offering significant value to traders who can identify it correctly. Recognizing this pattern involves more than just spotting three sequential green or white candles. It demands an in-depth understanding of its unique features and the context in which it arises. Here’s a guide for traders to accurately identify this prominent pattern:

  1. Consecutive Long Green (or White) Candles: The hallmark of the three white soldiers pattern is three consecutive long green candles. Each candle should display a noticeable price increase, signaling strong buying pressure.
  2. Opening Within the Previous Candle: In this pattern, every candle opens within the body of the preceding one, but not lower. This showcases ongoing buyer interest and confidence, even after a considerable price hike from the day before.
  3. Closing Near Daily Highs: Each candle should close near its daily high. This indicates that buyers have remained in control throughout the trading day, driving prices up and ending with a robust close, with minimal resistance from sellers.
  4. Minimal Wicks: Ideally, these candles have minimal or no wicks. This aspect underscores the prevailing bullish sentiment, as prices rise with little opposition.
  5. Context and Previous Trend: The pattern becomes more meaningful following a downtrend or near a significant support level. Its emergence at the tail end of a bearish phase is a potent sign of a trend shift.
  6. Volume Increase: Accompanying the pattern with a rise in trading volume adds to its confirmation. Understanding what volume means in this context is key – a higher volume indicates increased market participation and interest in the bullish trend, bolstering the pattern’s credibility.
  7. Consistent Candle Length: The candles should be relatively uniform in length. A substantial discrepancy in size can hint at market instability, reducing the pattern’s dependability.

The description of the three white soldiers is pretty straightforward, but here’s an image to see how what it looks like in action: 

Price graph displaying the three white soldiers pattern, with three consecutive long-bodied green candlesticks circled to highlight their formation in the chart.

Chart Illustration of the three white soldiers Pattern: The key turning point marked by three successive green candlesticks.

Identifying the three white soldiers’ pattern demands vigilant observation and comprehension of these essential characteristics. Traders should consider this pattern within a broader analytical context, factoring in the overall market climate and other technical indicators for well-rounded trading decisions.

Strategies for Trading with the Three White Soldiers Pattern

The three white soldiers pattern is a valuable tool for traders, acting as a trustworthy signal of bullish momentum. When this pattern appears, it provides strategic insights for making entry and exit decisions and managing risks. Here are some practical strategies for trading with this pattern:

Entry Strategy:

  • Confirmation Wait: Hold off on entering a trade until the third candle is complete, and preferably wait for additional confirmation in the subsequent candle. This caution helps avoid false signals.
  • Complementary Signals: Employ other technical analysis tools, like moving averages or the Relative Strength Index (RSI), to strengthen the signal from the three white soldiers pattern.

Exit Points:

  • Resistance-Level Targets: Place profit targets near upcoming key resistance levels. While the pattern often suggests a robust upward move, it’s important to predict potential momentum slowdowns.
  • Trailing Stop Losses: Use trailing stop losses to safeguard profits. Adjust the stop loss as the price increases, securing gains while leaving room for further upward movement.

Stop-Loss Considerations:

  • Below Pattern’s Low: Set a stop loss just beneath the lowest point of the three candles. This approach balances market volatility with protection against significant downturns if the trend reverses.
  • Percentage-Based Approach: Consider a percentage-based stop loss, like 2-3% below the entry point, tailored to your trading style and risk appetite.

Volume and Momentum Assessment:

  • Volume Confirmation: Check that increasing volume accompanies the pattern, confirming the strength of the bullish trend.
  • Momentum Indicators: Use momentum indicators to evaluate the likelihood of the bullish trend sustaining after the pattern forms.

Market Context Consideration:

  • Overall Market Trends: Take into account broader market trends. The pattern’s significance is amplified when it matches the general market direction.
  • Economic Factors: Stay informed about forthcoming economic reports or events that could affect market volatility and influence the pattern’s impact.

By applying these strategies, traders can maximize the opportunities provided by the three white soldiers pattern while effectively managing their risks. It’s important to remember that no pattern guarantees success and should be used as part of a well-rounded trading strategy. Incorporating trading signals into these strategies can further enhance the chances of success, offering timely insights for applying the tactics discussed. 

The Message of the Three White Soldiers: Market Implications

The three white soldiers pattern is a significant indicator in technical analysis, carrying a powerful message about market sentiment and hinting at likely future price trends. The emergence of this pattern indicates a strong bullish reversal, providing valuable insights into market dynamics.

Indication of Bullish Reversal:

  • Post-Downtrend Formation: Emerging after a downturn, this pattern signals a pivotal change from bearish to bullish sentiment. It showcases an intense and sustained buying force that overtakes the preceding bearish trend.
  • Control Shift to Buyers: The presence of three consecutive long-bodied candles that close near their peaks suggests buyers are dominating the market, potentially reversing the ongoing downtrend.

Market Psychology Insights:

  • Investor Confidence: The continuous rise in prices over three sessions reflects increasing investor confidence, possibly due to positive news, encouraging economic data, or a general market upswing.
  • Shift in Momentum: The pattern suggests that any selling pressure is consistently outmatched by buying activity, indicating that bearish traders are either retreating or shifting their positions.

Predicting Future Price Trends:

  • Not a Guaranteed Long-Term Indicator: While the three white soldiers pattern is a reliable sign of a bullish turnaround, it’s not a definitive predictor of a lasting trend change. Traders often seek further validation from other technical tools or significant volume backing.
  • Enhanced Validity at Key Levels: Its occurrence at critical support points or significant Fibonacci levels enhances the probability of a trend reversal.

Cautionary Considerations:

  • Potential for Pullbacks: Traders should be wary of possible retracements or corrections after the pattern’s emergence. A sharp and quick price rise can sometimes lead to short-term profit-taking.
  • Continuous Market Monitoring: It’s crucial to track subsequent candle patterns and overall market behavior to discern whether the bullish trend will persist or if it’s just a fleeting spike.

In conclusion, the three white soldiers pattern is a strong bullish indicator, signaling a shift from bearish to bullish sentiment, a good example being when bulls were regaining control in October 2023. This pattern heralds potential upward price movements, prompting traders to reconsider their strategies in response to the emerging bullish momentum. However, it’s crucial to corroborate this pattern with additional technical analysis to confirm its legitimacy.

Case Study: Three White Soldiers in Action

This case study of SoFi Tech’s stock (SOFI), a real-life technology company, demonstrates the three white soldiers pattern in action. SoFi underwent a massive rally, shooting up 124% in the middle of 2023. Recently though, this SOFI saw a decline due to ongoing debates over loan valuations. Over the next few weeks, the stock began to fall, moving from about $7.40 to about $6.60.

The pattern began to take shape when the stock opened slightly higher at $6.65 on the next trading day. Throughout that day, bullish sentiment grew, and the stock closed notably higher at $6.90, forming a long white candle. On the second day, the positive momentum continued with the stock opening at $6.95 and closing at $7.20. This second larger long white candle reinforced the bullish sentiment. The pattern completed on the third day with another long white candle; the stock opened at $7.25 and closed back at its initial level of around $7.40 from several weeks earlier.

This formation was recognized as the Three White Soldiers pattern, characterized by three consecutive long-bodied white candles, each opening higher than the previous day’s close and closing significantly above their opening prices. The increasing trading volume over these days further validated the pattern, suggesting a genuine resurgence in buying interest. The pattern caught the attention of traders and analysts, who interpreted it as a strong signal of a bullish reversal. In response, technical analysts suggested long positions, potentially moving to an overweight stock position in their portfolios. However, they also advised caution for any signs of reversal or consolidation. 

After the formation of the pattern, SoFi’s stock price stabilized and then continued on an upward trend, reflecting renewed investor confidence. This case study showcases the three white soldiers pattern’s effectiveness as a real-life market sentiment indicator, offering traders and investors a strategic entry point into a bullish market. 

Three White Soldiers vs. Three Black Crows

The three white soldiers and three black crows are contrasting patterns in candlestick charting, each signaling a significant shift in market sentiment but in opposite directions. For traders, understanding these differences is key to accurately interpreting market trends. 

Three White Soldiers: Signaling a Bullish Turn

  • Formation: This pattern appears during a downtrend and features three consecutive long-bodied white or green candles. Each candle opens within the previous one and closes higher, indicating increasing bullish momentum.
  • Implications: It suggests a shift from bearish to bullish sentiment, implying that buyers are taking control and a sustained upward trend may ensue.
  • Volume: Rising volume accompanying this pattern reinforces the commitment of the bulls to drive prices upward.
A chart comparing two different candlestick patterns used in stock market analysis. On the top half labeled 'Three Black Crows,' three red candlesticks are depicted in a descending order, indicating a bearish trend reversal. On the bottom half labeled 'Three White Soldiers,' three green candlesticks are shown in ascending order, signifying a bullish trend reversal. Both patterns are highlighted within separate boxes for emphasis.

Illustration of Three White Soldiers vs. Three Black Crows candlestick patterns, demonstrating potential bullish and bearish signals in stock market trends.

Three Black Crows: Indicating a Bearish Reversal

  • Formation: Conversely, the three black crows pattern occurs during an uptrend and comprises three consecutive long-bodied black or red candles. Each opens within the body of the previous candle and closes lower, denoting growing bearish pressure.
  • Implications: This is a bearish reversal pattern, signifying that sellers are overpowering buyers, potentially leading to a prolonged downtrend.
  • Volume: An increase in volume during this pattern’s formation supports the dominance of sellers and the likelihood of continued bearish momentum.

Distinguishing Characteristics

  • Trend Reversal Direction: The three white soldiers indicate a change from a bearish to a bullish market, whereas the three black crows point to a shift from bullish to bearish.
  • Market Sentiment: The three white soldiers reflect increasing optimism and buying activity, while the three black crows illustrate growing pessimism and selling pressure.
  • Trend Position: The former typically emerges at the end of a downtrend, and the latter is often seen at the conclusion of an uptrend.

Strategic Trading Implications

  • Trading Decisions: Traders utilize these patterns for strategic choices, with the three white soldiers suggesting opportunities for long positions, and the three black crows hinting at potential short-selling scenarios or exits from long positions.
  • Need for Caution: As with all chart patterns, it’s recommended to use additional indicators for confirmation, since these patterns alone don’t guarantee future market directions.

Understanding the Limitations

The three white soldiers pattern is a significant tool in technical analysis, but depending solely on it for trading decisions has its drawbacks and risks of misinterpretation. Understanding these limitations is crucial for refining trading strategies.

Risk of False Signals and Market Noise

  • Misinterpretation: This pattern might emerge amidst market noise, leading to inaccurate signals. What seems like three white soldiers could merely be a brief bullish surge in an overarching bearish trend.
  •  Need for Confirmation: It’s advisable for traders to seek further validation using other technical tools like moving averages or volume analysis to affirm the pattern’s legitimacy.

Context-Sensitive Performance

  • Market Dynamics: The effectiveness of the pattern varies in different market scenarios. In highly volatile markets, the reliability of this formation can diminish due to rapid and frequent price changes.
  • Historical Context: While historical instances of the pattern can offer insights, they don’t ensure predictive accuracy for future market movements.

Pitfalls of Overreliance on Pattern Recognition

  • Subjective Interpretations: Candlestick patterns can be interpreted differently by traders, leading to varying conclusions and trading actions.
  • Neglecting Broader Trends: Focusing too much on pattern recognition might result in overlooking overarching market trends and essential economic indicators, which could be counterproductive.

Timing Challenges in Trading

  • Identifying Entry and Exit Points: Pinpointing the best moments to enter or exit a trade based on this pattern is complex. Delayed recognition can result in missed opportunities or heightened risk.

Risk Management Considerations

  • Need for a Comprehensive Approach: Relying solely on the three white soldiers for decision-making might lead to insufficient risk management. Incorporating stop-loss strategies and diverse analysis methods is critical.

In summary, while the three white soldiers pattern holds value in a trader’s arsenal, it should not be the sole basis for trading decisions. A balanced approach that blends technical and fundamental analysis, coupled with robust risk management strategies, is essential for more insightful and effective trading. 


The three white soldiers pattern is a notable aspect of technical analysis, signaling potential market reversals with its bullish indications. Its true value lies in understanding the context of its appearance and the support it garners from other technical indicators. This pattern is a critical piece of a broader trading framework, as no single indicator is conclusive on its own.

Incorporating the Three White Soldiers pattern into a comprehensive trading strategy enhances decision-making effectiveness. Its appearance signals the need for further analysis and should not be the sole basis for decisions. Integrating insights from this pattern with a wider analytical approach that includes elements of both technical and fundamental analysis, such as earnings per share, 52-week highs and lows, among others, helps traders more accurately predict market movements and manage risks. 

Studying the three white soldiers pattern underscores the importance of alertness and flexibility in trading. Analyzing this pattern enhances a trader’s capabilities and underlines the need for a varied approach to market analysis. Effective use of this pattern depends on balanced application, awareness of its constraints, and a commitment to disciplined risk management. 

Decoding the Three White Soldiers: FAQs

How Often Does the Three White Soldiers Pattern Appear in the Market?

The three white soldiers pattern is relatively rare in the market. Its frequency depends on market volatility and conditions. While not a daily occurrence, it can be identified periodically across various time frames.

In What Market Conditions Is the Three White Soldiers Pattern More Reliable?

The pattern is generally more reliable following a prolonged downtrend or in markets that have seen significant bearish sentiment. Its presence in stable or ranging markets may not carry the same weight.

What Steps Should Traders Take To Confirm the Three White Soldiers Pattern before Making Trades?

Traders should look for high trading volume during the pattern’s formation as a sign of its strength. Additionally, seeing a subsequent bullish candle, like a bullish engulfing candle, can provide further validation. It’s also important to distinguish the three white soldiers from other formations, such as a spinning top candle, which represents market indecision, to avoid misinterpretation. 

Which Complementary Indicators Can Improve the Effectiveness of the Three White Soldiers Pattern?

To enhance the confirmation of the three white soldiers pattern, traders can use Moving Averages, the Relative Strength Index (RSI), and the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD). It’s also important to consider support and resistance levels. Additionally, being aware of contrasting patterns like the bearish engulfing candle, which signals a potential downtrend, is crucial for a balanced market analysis.

What are Common Mistakes to Avoid When Interpreting the Three White Soldiers Pattern?

Common mistakes include trading based on the pattern alone without confirmation from volume or other indicators, misidentifying similar patterns as the three white soldiers, and neglecting the broader market context or trends. Over-reliance on the pattern without adequate risk management can also lead to losses.